Abortion services;

We are accredited by the National Abortion Federation, and our physicians are board (American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) certified with combined experience of over 40 years.

Medical abortion;

Patients with less than 63 (9 weeks or less) completed days of pregnancy are eligible for this method.After clinical, laboratory and ultrasound evaluation,the patient is given a pill (mifepristone) in the doctors office. She is given 4 pills (misoprostol) to take at home within 24 to 48 hours. A follow up visit is required to ensure successful completion of the process.  

Surgical abortion;

After clinical, laboratory and ultrasound evaluation, the procedure ( vacuum aspiration ) is performed under local anesthesia ussually within 5 minutes. Oral sedatives are available at no additional cost. Procedures start at $295 (after 12 weeks the price goes up). Referals are provided for patients more than 19 weeks pregnant.   Conscious sedation; Intravenous sedation allows the patient to be unaware during the procedure. Monitoring is done by a board certified Anesthesiologist.